Practical Aspects of Initial Training in Ground Fighting Techniques in the Context of Law Enforcement

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Azat Kh. Khasanov, Shooting and Hand-to-hand Combat, Trainer, Postgraduate Student,, Sports Club “Tropa”

23 Ibragimov Bl., Ufa, Russia, 450000, tel.: +7 (347) 2736549, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Introduction. The paper aims to find practical aspects of initial professional training in technical and tactical techniques of ground hand-to-hand combat in the context of law enforcement.

Materials and methods. The study involves reviewing numerous abstracts of papers focusing on self-defense and various types of martial arts. A comparative analysis of the rules of various sports that are of applied value for the training of law enforcement officers and that embrace groundwork is performed. The questionnaire and pedagogical testing are employed to identify the main tactics and techniques of the initial training in ground hand-to-hand combat, and their variety. The study has determined the specific features of the initial professional training in ground hand-to-hand combat.

Research result. The findings have indicated the current degree of the issue coverage and its relevance. The main (basic) technical and tactical methods for initial training of law enforcement officers have been identified using the Brazilian jiujitsu techniques as an example, and their variety has been briefly described. The specific features of initial training in ground fighting for law enforcement officers have been formulated given the features of their professional activities.

Conclusion. The relevance of studying and developing positional combat (part of practical hand-to-hand fighting) as one of the areas of professional training of law enforcement officers for the modern realities of one-on-one street fighting, i.e., ground hand-to hand combat, has been determined. The data obtained allows supplementing the theory and methodology of martial arts with new knowledge.

Keywords: hand-to-hand combat, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, martial arts, self-defense, law enforcement, wrestling techniques, ground hold

For citation: Khasanov A. Kh. Practical Aspects of Initial Training in Ground Fighting Techniques in the Context of Law Enforcement. Pedagogicheskiy IMIDZH = Pedagogical IMAGE. 2022; 16(1): 7086. (In Russ.). DOI:

UDС: 377; 796.859



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