Modern Approaches to Independent Assessment of Professioal Qualifications


Fomitskaya Galina Nikolaevna

Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Associate Professor, First Deputy Minister Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Buryatia

48A Kommunisticheskaya St, Ulan-Ude, Russia, 670000, tel.: +7(3012)214915, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Introduction. The introduction substantiates the relevance of the independent assessment of professional qualifications, and defines the concept.

Materials and methods. The methods of theoretical and empirical research are applied to reveal modern approaches to the search and development of effective forms for independent assessment of qualifications of graduates from professional educational organizations of secondary vocational education.

Results. A demonstration exam on 16 competencies was organized. Opportunities, advantages, disadvantages and prospects for development of the demonstration exam as a new form of state final certification and independent evaluation of professional qualifications of vocational education institutions graduates were identified and substantiated.

Conclusions. The directions of interaction between the educational organization and the employer on the organization of an independent assessment of qualifications are identified. The possibilities of demonstration exam in solving the problem of independent evaluation of professional qualification are determined.

Keywords: system of training of workers, independent assessment of qualifications, innovative forms of state final certification in secondary vocational education, demonstration exam.

For citation: Fomitskaya G. N. Modern Approaches to Independent Assessment of Professioal Qualifications. Pedagogicheskiy IMIDZH = Pedagogical IMAGE. 2019; 13(3): 452–464. DOI: 10.32343/2409-5052-2019-13-3-452-464

UDС: 377.12

DOI: 10.32343/2409-5052-2019-13-3-452-464

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