Financial Literacy in Social Studies Education in Schools of the Kirov Region


Eremina Tat’yana Yur’evna, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Subject Areas, ORCID, SPIN-код: 4906-5147, AuthorID: 837648, Institute of Education Development of the Kirov Region

23/2 R. Yerdyakova St, Kirov, Russia, 610046, tel.: +7(8332)523023, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Abstract. Introduction. The paper demonstrates the importance of introducing a financial literacy course/module into the educational process both at the international (PISA research) and at the national level. The individual aspects of shaping the financial literacy in Russian schoolchildren, investigated by domestic researchers, are characterized.

Materials and methods. The paper presents the results of monitoring the implementation of educational programs for the development of financial literacy in the Kirov region. The findings suggest that the introduction of the financial literacy course / module into the main curriculum is an urgent task for all types of educational organizations in the region.

The results of the study. The paper presents the main areas of scientific and methodological support to be provided by the Institute for the Development of Education of the Kirov Region to enhance the financial literacy of Social Studies teachers and students in the schools of the region.

Conclusion. The course/module of financial literacy can be successfully introduced into the main curriculum of schools, in particular within the framework of Social Studies education.

Keywords: financial literacy, course / module of financial literacy, main curriculum, school Social Studies.

For citation: Eremina T. Yu. Financial Literacy in Social Studies Education in Schools of the Kirov Region. Pedagogicheskiy IMIDZH = Pedagogical IMAGE. 2019; 13(4): 576-583.

UDС: 371.21

DOI: 10.32343/2409-5052-2019-13-4-576-583


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