A Statistical Model of Professional Image of a School Sports Coach


Anastasia Yu. Zagorodnikova, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Theory and Methodology of Physical Culture and Sports, ORCID https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3169-5864, Russian State Social University


4, bld. 1 Wilhelm Peak St, Moscow, 129226, Russia, tel.: +7(495)2556767, e-mail: anastasiazagorodnikova@ mail.ru


Abstract. Introduction. The relevance of this topic is determined by current problems in modern children and youth sports. The paper aims to develop a statistical (factor) model of the image of a school sports coach based on surveys of young athletes.

Materials and methods. Surveys (questionnaires, interviews) were conducted, quantitative and qualitative content analysis and the factor analysis with the rotation of reference axes according to the Varimax criterion were used to build the model of a professional image of a school sports trainer.

The results of the study. A statistical (factorial) school sports coach image model represented by five factors has been developed. The study proposes the identification of each factor and gives the content of the identified factors and their percentage ratio. Practical recommendations are formulated to build a positive image of the school sports trainer.

Conclusion. The results of the study can be used to make practical recommendations for creating a positive image. They can also serve as a basis for developing a technology to improve the professional image of school sports trainers.

Keyword: factor model of the image of school sports coach, image of school sports coach, factor analysis, young athletes.


For citation: Zagorodnikova A. Yu. A Statistical Model of Professional Image of a School Sports Coach. Pedagogicheskiy IMIDZH = Pedagogical IMAGE. 2020; 14(3):436-445.

UDС: 796.071.43

DOI: 10.32343/2409-5052-2020-14-3-436-445


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