Design of Individual Educational Routes for Students when taught German at Technical University


Irina V. Кusоvskaya, Candidate of Sciences (Pedagogy), Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department “Foreign Languages”, ORCID, Irkutsk State Transport University

15 Chernyshevsky St, Irkutsk Russia, 664074, tel: +7 (3952) 638399, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Abstract. Introduction. The paper focuses on the design of individual educational routes for students of higher educational institutions in a competency-based learning environment. Individual educational routes assume particular importance for teaching a foreign language in multilevel and multidirectional groups. The objective of the study is to design individual educational routes for students studying German at a technical university. The achievement of this objective involves specification of the concept, scope, and stages of the design of individual educational routes and corresponding pedagogical conditions.

Materials and Methods. The object of the research is the process of designing individual educational routes for Bachelor and Specialist’s degree students learning the discipline “Foreign Language” at Irkutsk State Transport University. The development of individual educational routes based on design method is a joint activity of teacher and students at the stages of motivational support, goal-setting, content and resource support.

Results. The outcome of the research is designed individual educational routes of the adaptive, developmental and creative type for the students learning German.

Conclusion. The practical significance of the study lies in the individualization and variability of competency-based learning, and the rational organization of individual work based on the knowledge of the German language. Prospects for further study of the issue entails reflective analyses of the adoption of the designed individual educational routes and their optimal correction.

Keywords: design, individual educational route, technical university, German teaching.

For citation: Кusоvskaya I. V. Design of Individual Educational Routes for Students when taught German at Technical University. Pedagogicheskiy IMIDZH = Pedagogical IMAGE. 2020; 14(4): 681–695. DOI: 10.32343/2409-5052-2020-14-4-681-695

UDС: 378

DOI: 10.32343/2409-5052-2020-14-4-681-695

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