Enlightenment Activities of the Future Teacher in a Rural Environment


Tatyana A. Tkacheva, Teacher, Angarsk Pedagogical College, ORCID https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0782-9239

Building 1, block 61, Angarsk Irkutsk region, Russia, 665830, tel.: +7 (3955) 522192, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Abstract. Introduction. The training of future teachers is one of the most discussed topics in education. Special attention focuses on a rural school and its staff. Teachers of a rural school should undoubtedly have a high creative potential, social activity, and stable emotional intelligence. The rural teacher should be able to solve professional problems quickly and, sometimes, extraordinarily, strive for self-improvement and competently participate in resolving the uncharacteristic issues through a constructive dialogue with the authorities and the population living in the village. The specifics of the rural environment require the future teacher to master another type of professional activity. This is enlightenment. Thus, the phenomenon of the “enlightenment activity” of a future rural teacher is an object of the analysis. This paper reveals the concept of enlightenment activity of the future teacher; clarifies the structure of this activity; identifies the features of the rural environment; determines the main directions of the enlightenment activity of the future rural teacher; presents the summary results of the sociological survey on the stated research topic.

Materials and methods. The study involved a general analysis of the educational activities of the future rural teacher. The methods employed are the analysis of scientific, psychological, and pedagogical literature on the topic of the research; pedagogical observation; conversation and questioning of primary school teachers, teachers of preschool and additional education, students of Angarsk Pedagogical College, parents, or their representatives.

The results of the study. The analysis of the theory and methodology in pedagogical education of the rural population has made it possible to clarify the essential characteristic of the “enlightenment activity” concept and present the structure of this activity. The sociological survey “My small Homeland, what is it?” was conducted to identify the features of the rural environment and the main directions of enlightenment activities in the rural area. Students of Angarsk Pedagogical College and their parents, primary school teachers, teachers of preschool and additional education living in rural areas took part in this survey. Its results are summarized and presented in this paper.

Conclusion. The practical significance of the work lies in considering the phenomenon of “enlightenment activity” of the future rural teacher. The study is still ongoing, but even preliminary data allow the conclusion that it is necessary to introduce the sections aimed at developing the skills to carry out the enlightenment activities of future teachers in a rural environment in the educational programs of the SBPEI Angarsk Pedagogical College.

Keywords: enlightenment activity, education, future teacher, rural environment, professional activity, place of residence, family and neighborhood microenvironment.

For citation: Tkacheva T. A. Enlightenment Activities of the Future Teacher in a Rural Environment. Pedagogicheskiy IMIDZH = Pedagogical IMAGE. 2021; 15(2): 222-233. DOI: 10.32343/2409-5052-2021-15-2-222-233

UDС: 377.1

DOI: 10.32343/2409-5052-2021-15-2-222-233

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