1. All articles submitted to the journal «Pedagogicheskiy IMIDZH» and which are in accordance with the scientific fields of the journal should be run the reviewing procedure

2. All the reviewers are the acknowledged experts in the reviewed subject matter and having articles on the subject matter of the article under review in the last 3 years.

3. The reviews are kept in the editorial board for five years.

4. The method of reviewing is single blind. The explicit expert review is available on the authors’ written request. The reviewer’s sign, surname, affiliation and position are hidden in such a copy of the referee report. However, the author can demand the reviewer’s data if plagiarism or falsification of the materials presented in the manuscript are declared.

5. A reviewer should carry out an expert evaluation of the manuscript in objective and impartial manner, express his/her opinion clearly and convincingly, give references to the source if necessary.

6. The expert evaluation of the manuscript is important for making a decision about the publication of the paper. The reviewer decides about the possibility of publishing the article: «publish, no significant alterations», «publish, but make changes to the article» or «reject, no right for a rewrite».

7. The analysis criteria for reviewing are topicality and novelty of research; goals and objectives; methodology; theoretical and practical foundation of research; analytical section of the article; applicability of the research results in practice; correspondence of the article to formal requirements (quality of abstracts, use of references, language and style of the article).

8. If the author of the article doesn’t reference the works which influenced the research outcomes and the reviewer finds out the substantial similarity of the manuscript and previously published papers he/she must point out it and draw attention of the Editorial board to it.

9. If the editorial board recommends the revision of the paper, the executive secretary sends copy of peer review suggesting to consider them or to renounce them with reasoning to the author. A new variant of the manuscript can be reconsidered for publication.

10. In case of the manuscript is rejected, the Editorial board sends to the author a motivated refusal letter that is certified by the Editor-in-Chief.

11. The reviewers are informed that submitted articles are the author’s ownership and are confidential. The reviewers are forbidden to copy submitted articles for their own personal use or discuss them with any people not on the authority of the editorial board.

12. The reviewing period is assigned by the executive secretary in agreement with a reviewer.

13. If the reviewer feels the lack of qualification to evaluate a manuscript or does not have enough time to do the work, he/she should notify the executive secretary in order to exclude him/her from the reviewing procedure.

14. The reviewers use the standard form approved by the editorial board.

15. The Editorial Board supplies the reviews of submitted manuscripts on request from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

16. The electronic version of the «Reviewing procedure» and the «Guide for submission, reviewing and publication» are available on the website of the journal “Pedagogicheskiy IMIDZH“ (